Daniela Montemerlo

Expert in family business and corporate governance.
Involved in family business research, teaching, governance and consulting since 1990, she has advised and currently advises medium and large family firms, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial families in Italy and US and in various industries, supporting leading generation, next generation, inter-generational family teams, family councils, boards of directors, non- family executives and the ownership-management system. Her specialty areas are family and corporate governance; family and ownership agreements; next generation’s development; inter-generational relations and generational transitions in leadership; intra-generational relations and co-leadership dynamics; strategic management and organizational change and managerialization processes; ownership transitions.

Degree in Management at Bocconi University with honors at Bocconi University (1989) and PhD in Management (1994).
Full Professor of Business Administration at the University of Insubria, where she teaches Management and Management and Governance of Family Firms.
SDA Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at SDA Bocconi School of Management, where she teaches family business and corporate governance at executive and MBA level. Professor of Strategic Management of Family Businesses at Bocconi University.
Founder and equity partner of Partners CPA.
She is member of NedCommunity (Italian association of non-executive and independent directors) as well as of the Scientific Committee of the Istituto per i Valori d’Impresa (Institute for Corporate Values, ISVI). She chairs the Achievement Awards Committee of FFI (the Family Firm Institute, world association of family business service providers) and she is Fellow of IFERA (International Family Enterprise Research Academy, world association of family business scholars), where she has served as founding board member from 2001 to 2011.


She is currently:

  • non-executive Board Member of Rubelli spa, a fifth generation family business.
  • non-executive Board Member of In-Pro.di S.p.A.
  • chairs the supervisory body of three companies of Snam Group.


She has been Independent Board Member and member of the Internal Control and Risk Committee of the listed banks Credito Bergamasco and Banco Popolare, and non-executive board member of Aletti gestielle sgr.



  • Fellow of IFERA (International Family Enterprise Research Academy), world association of family business scholars, where she has served as founding board member  from 2001 to 2011
  • Best reviewer of Economia & Management, 2011
  • Best EFMD case in Entrepreneurship for Costa case, Guido Corbetta, 1998.