Giandomenico Penna

With a degree in Economics at Luigi Bocconi University, starting from 1982 was an independent auditor and consultant of Arthur Andersen & Co, becoming a specialist of operational consulting, especially in the manufacturing industry, and in M&A, with special focus on international transactions.
In 1996 joined as CFO and afterwards as General Director the Sergio Tacchini Group, well known Italian brand dealing with sport and leisure apparels, managing the development and the internationalization of the Group. As a consequence of the global economic crisis, he was also in charge of the Sergio Tacchini turnaround and, starting from 2008, he was appointed Director of Sergio Tacchini International, with finance and business development responsabilities in connection with the launch of the new company. He managed, among other things, the acquisition of some players in the fashion and luxury apparel industry (Bond Street, Gaetano Navarra).
In 2010 established AdWise S.r.l., a consultancy company offering professional services to selected italian branded entities, and joined Partners S.p.A. as Senior Manager. In the same year he launched, together with the founders, The Level Group S.r.l., an e-commerce start up offering end to end internet services to its clients for the sale of luxury apparels, shoes, accessories and products of design all over the world. This newco in the first five years of activity reached very significant goals, in terms both of turn over and sizes.

Professional Services in Partners

  • Operational advice and strategic plans tailored on family and private firms, both in a start up phase and involved in turnaround and reorganisational processes.
  • Due diligence performances focused both on accounting and operational processes, companies’ check up and technical evaluations, preliminary to the preparation of the related business and relaunching plans.
  • Financial and economic evaluation of special situation Companies’  assets and business potentials in order to define possible way out, including debt rearrangements and research of potential third party equity investors.
  • Collaborations with founders, owners and related top management focused on organisation and management of the Company’s turnaround, including preparation of the soft transfer of the business to the heirs, through the preparation and agreement on the strategies and plans to assure the going concern.


Currently Chairman and Managing Directors of The Level Group S.r.l. (e-commerce partner), was     managing director of Sergio Tacchini International S.p.A. and member of the Board of Directors of     some companies related to the Sandys Group.