Valuation and Opinion
Assistance in corporate finance and M&A transactions

Valuations, Fairness opinions and Appraisals

  • Valuations, Fairness opinions and appraisals of
    • industrial, financial and insurance companies
    • tangible and intangible assets (brands, etc.)
    • financial assets and derivatives (options, warrants, participating instruments, etc.)
    • management incentive plans (stock grants, vesting shares, etc.)
  • Independent opinions to the board and shareholders: related parties transactions, verification of fulfillment of contractual agreements, etc.


M&A and other transactions

Independent fairness opinion and appraisals in acquisitions, mergers and other transactions (e.g. contribution in kind, IPO, etc.)

Appraisal required by the law

  • Opinions on the fairness of the exchange ratio (2501-sexies c.c.), LBO debt sustainability (2501-bis c.c.) and withdrawal value (2437 and ss., 2473 and 2535 c.c.)
  • Appraisals for contribution in kind (2343, 2343-ter and 2465 c.c.) and capital increase issue price (2441 c.c.